Chocolate CDs

Chocolate CD is a perfect gift for anyone up with the latest technology. CD’s are often requested for music themed functions. Inspired by music CD’s, a purely different and bold gift for your next occasion can be CD’s made in chocolate.
Whether you want to give to your client, a gift of appreciation, or on the event of wedding, birthday party or anniversary chocolate CD’s are innovative idea and perfect gift that can WOW almost anyone. It is ideal gift for music lovers. Wrapped in real looking CD case, guests opens it expecting to find a CD they can play. But they are surprised to see the CD’s that can be eaten too.
Choosing a chocolate CD is not going to be something that people can enjoy listening, but they will be sure to enjoy eating it. These CD’s come in same size as regular CD. You can select chocolate CD from or standard grab and go collection or customize your gifts with name, message and images from or custom section.

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