Chocolate Coins

Chocolate and Money – Aren’t these the two things whose allure has captivated nearly everyone in this whole wide world? And when both are brought together, the combination cannot be anything other than irresistible.
This fact is what makes our chocolate coins the perfect gift for all occasions – be it for commemorating a corporate event or a personal celebration; supporting a social cause or a political affiliation; promoting a profession or spreading religious festivities; celebrating a joyous event, thanking someone or showing appreciation to your special people.
These sweet treats are made from high quality Belgian chocolate and not only taste great, but also present a pretty picture, individually covered in brilliant foils. Whatever the occasion is, if you hand out our individually foiled chocolate coins, you can be sure your gift will cherished and remembered for long by the recipients, young or old.
We offer these wonderful chocolate coins in Grab & Go and Custom collections.

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